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Photo by Juliet Parker Photography

Upcoming 2024 National Tour

Student Shows:

January 16, 10am (Sold out)

January 17, 10am (Sold out)

Public Show:

January 16, 7pm 

Student Shows:

January 19, 9:45am

January 19, 11:30am

Public Show:

January 20, 6pm

Student Shows:

January 25, 10am & 1pm

January 26, 10am & 1pm

Public Shows:

January 27, 2pm

January 27, 7pm

Student Shows:

January 30, 9:30am - Sold out (Waiting list only)

January 30, 11:30am

Student Shows:

February 2 - 10am & 1pm

Public Shows:

February 3, 3pm

February 3, 7pm

Location: Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, Beaverton, Oregon

Student Show:

February 6, 12pm

Public Show:

February 6, 7pm

Student Shows:

February 14, 10am

February 15, 10am

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Public Show:

February 15, 7pm

Location: TO Arts - Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, California

Student Shows:

April 29, 9:30am

April 29, 11am

April 30, 9:30am

April 30, 11am

Public Show:

April 28, 4pm

Location: Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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